The Gift of a New Day

I give you thanks, Almighty God, that you have brought me safely through the night… a portion of Martin Luther’s Morning Prayer

Today is the beginning of a six week leave period, during which I will be engaged in study and time with our family.  I’ll be departing for the study segment tomorrow afternoon, flying to Manchester, England and then continuing to Sheffield and London.  In Sheffield, I have the amazing opportunity to witness two churches that together have been raised from near-death to vitality.  Members of the St. Thomas Crookes and St. Thomas Sheffield parishes are hosting us, so that we can get a 24/7 sense of what it means to be followers of Christ in these settings.

Many people have supported me and this journey, both financially and in prayer.  I am grateful beyond words for you all.  I plan to record my thoughts and experiences here, and I invite you to follow along.

Look for more tomorrow.

May you live in God’s Amazing Grace+



One thought on “The Gift of a New Day

  1. Ron Clark says:

    You are being lifted in prayer. I am sure this will be a time of growth and renewal for you. Blest to be a partner in ministry with you. Looking forward to following along with blog.

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