Travel Day(s)

From the rising of  the sun to its setting…

I enjoyed two very good days of travel to the UK, beginning with an on-time flight out of Detroit, and continuing with an exit row seat for the 7-hour flight from New York City (JFK) to Manchester.  It was delightful to watch the sun setting behind us as we were leaving the US, only to watch it rising as we approached the British Isles.  My camera was tucked away in the overhead bin, so I could not get a picture.  But I promise there will be some tomorrow.

I tried to manage the affects of jet lag  by taking a brief nap midday, and a two-mile walk after that.  I looked for two geocaches…was probably right on top of one, but couldn’t find it.  The second had a LOT of poison ivy growing around it, and I wasn’t about to get mixed up in that mess.  I never ate lunch today…sense of  hunger is off with the jet lag.  Tonight, we ate in the bar/lounge area as most of the hotel guests do.  It is casual and noisy and quite fun in terms of people-watching.

Tomorrow our group of twenty will meet for the morning and take a group picture.  I’ll tell you more about our diverse group then. After lunch, we will board the train for Sheffield.  There we will meet those persons who are graciously opening  their homes to us.

You, O Lord, make me lie down in safety.

May you live in God’s amazing grace+



2 thoughts on “Travel Day(s)

  1. Judi Paul says:

    Hi Chrysanne, God gave me a joyful heart through you tonight! I didn’t know such a thing as a geocache existed untill you named it and I looked it up on wikipedia. What a very neat idea, and what a way to bring our world together!! I thought it was extrordinary, and it gave me great pleasure to read about it. My heart sings for the little joys God gives us. And yes, to me, each new bit of knowledge I pick up is a joy. It tells me more about the graciousness of our amazing God. Thank you. Judi

  2. Ron Clark says:

    Come, Holy Spirit fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Word and recreate those whom you have drawn to you. Bless this time of instruction and learning.

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