Friday, June 11

Dear ones,

Without easy daily access to the internet, I am behind in my daily reflections.   I will catch up in a day or so.

But now, about Friday – a special day in our family’s life, as it is our son’s birthday!

My hotel offers breakfast with the room – coffee, juice, toast and your choice of cereal (corn flakes) or English breakfast – a fried egg, a slice of Canadian bacon, and baked beans!  Ordered the latter – and then headed to Oxford.

Oh, what a beautiful place.  Met a dear sister in Christ who lives about 90 minutes away from there by car, and we walked around Christ College, a bit of the downtown, and then to another college (a cluster of buildings comprises one college here) to geocache.  The GPS worked much better today – dear sister in Christ and I found a cache in a wall along a street, and then accessed a virtual cache as well!  Will post pictures at another time.  We visited the Eagle and the Child pub (Bird and the Baby), but alas the kitchen was closed so it was just for a photo opp.  Crossed the street to the Lamb and Flag where we enjoyed a half pint and a chicken and pesto wrap with chips.

This was final exam week in Oxford colleges; students dress in suit and tie to take their exams.  Those who were completing their studies were then drenched with bubbly, paint, whatever friends could find to mark them as grads worthy of celebrating.  Some even were accompanied by friends drumming and singing them down the street.  There were also sad faces – indicative of grades that were less than hoped for.  All in all, a great place to visit, and I was so glad to be with dear Sister in Christ again.  Perhaps across the pond again next year?

Then back to London, where my Church Doctor friend Shelley was soon to arrive.  We are staying just a few doors away from each other in the Paddington area, where there is easy access to everything the city has to offer.

We got a Travel Pass which gave us passage on most of the subway (Tube), buses, and even the Thames Clipper, a shuttle that crosses the Thames through the day and evening.  We wandered Trafalgar Square, saw St Martin in the Fields, ate in Chinatown, got 1/2 price tics for STOMP for Saturday and then cruised the Thames for about 30 minutes.  We were able to make our way back to our hotel by way of the Tube, sliding in sideways exhausted and and happy at about 11:30 PM.

Now that’s making the most of a day in England!

Tomorrow, big bus tour – Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, shopping, STOMP, food and ale…yum!

May you live in God’s amazing grace – I know I am+



2 thoughts on “Friday, June 11

  1. Carol Winegar says:

    Hi Chrysanne,

    Finally caught up with your blog. Really enjoyed. Sounds like a fabulous experience.

    I imagine you remember the Sun. June, 11 which was Pentacost that year. There was a dry-erase board in the entry wishing the church, Bishop Marcus, Brian, and our Courtney happy birthday. Then the church sang to them! Courtney turned 21 Fri. I imagine you may have arranged all that?
    Marcus received balloons, too. Very memorable.

  2. Ron Clark says:

    Love reading about the trip. Know you’re back stateside now. Continuing to pray for this time and how God will use it and you to do amazing things.

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